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A new frontier of crypto collectibles

We provide access to hyper-exclusive NFTs, communities, and resources, leveling the playing field for all. Win epic digital assets. Build your Web3 identity. Be Tokened.

How It Works

We find NFTs

Our team selects projects based on community engagement, utility, and future potential.

You enter to win

Get a chance to win the world's rarest crypto collectibles, no crypto required.

Our fancy algorithm chooses a winner

When the timer runs out one lucky winner is chosen at random to claim their legendary piece of digital art.

One lucky person gets epic digital art sent to their wallet

Prizes are awarded in a fully transparent way on chain to their lucky new owner.

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Who We Are

Meet the "A Team"

Our Principles

What we’re about

Promoting access for all

Providing utility

Leading with transparency

Fostering community engagement

Creating exciting opportunities