World of Women Galaxy

World of Women Galaxy

The world has changed. As a result of receiving cryptic messages and solving puzzles, the Assembly of Women discovered a new planet! They discovered that the 8th World was actually Mother Earth all along. Earth but from the future, Nova Gaïa. They found out that the Assembly of Women had made contact with women from the future in an effort to unite their forces. During their journey, they found a way to travel through time. They were surprised by what they saw as they exited the portal and entered this new Galaxy. An entirely new WoW galaxy is on the horizon.

An opportunity to join the WoW community

The popularity of World of Women continues to grow. From the beginning, WoW has been dedicated to creating a brand that promotes and celebrates representation, inclusion, and equal opportunities for everyone.

WoW Galaxy is an extension of this expedition. This collection from Yam Karkai, the famous artist who designed WoW, comes with special perks and will make it easier for more people to become owners and contributors. There are 22,222 World of Women Galaxy NFTs:

  • 10,000 - World of Women holders
  • 10,000 - Public sale
  • 2,222 - Allowlist

Benefits of owning a WoWG NFT

Owners of WoW Galaxy have the opportunity to participate in WoW's mission as both contributors and investors, both of which have their own set of advantages. Some of the benefits of owning WoW Galaxy are:

  • WoW Gala will be open to all WoW Galaxy owners.
  • Underlying artwork and intellectual property (IP) belong to the holders of WoW Galaxy.
  • Make a difference in the future of WoW through the DAWoW, its own DAO.
  • Holders of both WoW and WoWG receive additional benefits.
  • Exclusive merchandise for WoWG holders only.
  • Owners will receive unexpected airdrops.
  • Sandbox versions of all NFTs in the WoW Galaxy are being developed.