Secret Society of Whales

Secret Society of Whales

The Secret Society of Whales is a community focused NFT project that launched about a year ago. The core principle of SSoW is uplifting and pushing the NFT space forward. One of the ways SSoW achieves this goal is through the #TogetherWeWhale initiative.

#TogetherWeWhale is an initiative to support the NFT community by using the funds in SSoW’s community wallet to buy up NFTs from different projects, which will go right back into the SSoW vault. We all might not be big NFT whales individually, but if we work together, we can make a big impact for good in the NFT space. 

To date SSoW has swept:

  • 29 Rumble Kong League NFTs (current value apx $1300 each)
  • 26 Gambling Ape NFTs (current value apx $650 each)
  • 50 Goons of Balatroon NFTs (current value apx $350 each)
  • 67 Barefoot Parrot Island NFTs (current value apx $100 each)
  • 35 Cryptodad NFTs (current value apx $100 each)

Owning a whale grants you membership into the secret society where you can propose projects for floor sweeps, vote, be entered into giveaways with NFTs from the vault, and receive new collections in the SSoW ecosystem. SSoW has given over 200 eth of value back to holders including a bored ape yacht club NFT. 

Floor sweeping is just one of the ways SSoW looks to uplift the NFT Space. SSoW supports up-and-coming artists through weekly spotlights, educates people on Web 3 fundamentals with over 30 free lessons created for Whale University in the SSoW discord, and donates to charitable causes with $25,000 donations to both Mental Health America and Save the Whales California. 

What’s Next?

SSoW has spent the last year setting up and developing the framework for the project to expand. In addition to the original 10,000 piece collection of whales, there have been 3 separate collections created with different functions in the SSoW ecosystem. Each of those collections were available to holders for free at the time of mint or by using the SSoW token, $Cigar.

With the pieces now in place with the different collections in the secret society, a new roadmap is being developed to come out this quarter. There hasn’t been too many leaks on this new roadmap yet, but it has been stated metaverse expansion and more utility for the SSoW token, $Cigar, will be included.