My Pet Hooligan

My Pet Hooligan

My Pet Hooligan (MPH) features 8,888 rowdy rabbit NFTs. The artwork offers unique attributes and eye-catching traits. All My Pet Hooligan NFTs have unique characteristics, unlike most collections with rare properties assigned to a select few.

The Rabbit Hole — this collection's story begins with Overlord Metazuckbot who forces hooligans to harvest carrots in cages. They appeared to be taking a dig at Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. After the hooligans were successful in their attempt to escape, they divided into seven factions. They had only one goal in mind: to bring down the Zuck corporation.

MPH's metaverse vision begins here. The Rabbit Hole, a play-to-earn game featuring hooligan NFT avatars. All genesis NFT holders can now access Alpha V1. Aside from gaming, MPH has Defi functionality with staking. $CARROTS can be staked by players to earn passively. 

The team

The average NFT project typically involves three or four people. MPH, on the other hand, has over a dozen dedicated team members who are experts in their field. AMGI studios is also part of the team. Where more than 15 people work at the studio, creating interactive NFT games and animations.

Colin Brady is the team's most innovative member. He worked on Toy Story 2, A Bug's Life, and Game of Thrones. Tony Diioia, AMGI studios co-founder, is also highly experienced. Tony spearheaded the lead in generating original content for various character-based entertainment enterprises throughout the course of his four-decade career.

It's clear that My Pet Hooligan has a long-term, elite team in the NFT space. MPH is also an excellent example of how a project should interact with its audience. They've held multiple AMAs (Ask Me Anythings) on Twitter and Discord to help holders understand changes and what to anticipate next. Recent AMAs revealed live multiplayer gameplay. The team's growth and work has continued to impress the community. 

Why is MPH one of a kind?

We're not suggesting My Pet Hooligan is the best or the next big blue-chip collection. However, MPH boasts never-before-seen utility. Hooligan holders also received FBX files. FBX is a film box-formatted 3-D model. Users can share files for animations and content creation.

The team used a similar technique on Twitter, creating videos with Hooligan NFTs. This is pivotal, as NFTs can be used by online content creators to make reels and animations. As a result of this, we may expect to see many interactive projects involving NFTs and music.

A strong NFT community

NFTs can be intimidating. Some of them will go to zero. However, you can avoid them by placing your bets on strong communities and teams. MPH exhibits both of these traits.

My Pet Hooligan has captured the attention of the NFT community, and we are eager to see where they go next. If you're interested in learning more about MPH, check out our discord and My Pet Hooligan #2719.