If you're a fan of NFTs, you've probably heard of Larva Labs, the company that made CryptoPunks. The company is credited with launching one of the oldest NFT projects, which attracted enormous attention in the year 2017. CryptoPunks sparked a new era of NFT art and introduced a whole new generation to NFTs. Meebits, Larva Labs' most recent project, was launched in May 2021.

Meebits is a collection of 20,000 3D voxel characters created using a custom generative algorithm. The Ethereum blockchain serves as a database for all of the 3D characters.

Features & attributes

As a result of their unique traits, Meebits stand out from the rest of the existing tech landscape. Many people think that a Meebit is similar to CryptoPunks, but with a few differences. Both NFTs reflect on a form of art, but they're very different. Meebits, for example, are full-body 3D characters that were generated by an algorithm. There are a variety of attributes that each character has, including tattoos, shirt color, pant color, shoe color, necklace, hairstyle, and other properties. A close look at Meebits NFT collection shows they are voxels or 3D pixels. The design of Meebit NFTs is a promising indicator of the development of NFT art on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Meebit project is a great success for the team at Larva Labs. The Meebit NFTs surged above and beyond expectations following the May 2021 launch. Meebits sold out in just 8 hours of their launch, which is a clear indication of their popularity. That's not all: The total sale value at the time was close to $75 million.

Uses for Meebits

Meebits aren't just another NFT that you buy and sell for profit. Consider CryptoPunks, who have emerged as 2D avatars in the web2 landscape. As a result, Meebits' NFT collection may soon take over as CryptoPunks in metaverse 3D worlds. Metaverse and the emerging web3 ecosystem will benefit greatly from their use as ideal 3D avatars.
Additional uses for Meebits:
  • Render as 2D pixel art.
  • Personalize 3D voxel characters.
  • Use as an avatar on Decentraland and Sandbox.
  • Owner tools include a T-pose OBJ file with the full 3D model. T-pose OBJ files can be used to import Meebits into 3D animation and modeling tools. As a result, you can simply animate and control your Meebit.

Many good reasons exist to purchase the Meebit NFT collection, given the promising applications for NFT art. Meebits are available for purchase on the most popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea. However, the price of Meebit NFTs can be a major deterrent for many people. Why do Meebit NFTs sell for such a high price?

Why are Meebits expensive?

The high cost of Meebits can be attributed in part to their widespread acceptance as a promising Larva Labs project for the web3 ecosystem. Because of their association with a well-known brand such as Larva Labs, Meebit NFTs stand out in the current NFT market.

Ultimately, Meebits appear to be groundbreaking developments in the NFT landscape. In addition, the Meebit NFT collection offers promising prospects for digital representation in the web3 ecosystem.