Impostors Genesis Aliens

Impostors Genesis Aliens

The Impostors NFT project created a connection between web2 gaming and web3 technology. The project is made up of 10,420 stylish alien NFTs with over 200 attributes. Impostors Genesis Aliens NFT promises to offer an incentive system with continual earning opportunities in addition to an interactive social gaming environment.

Ellio Trades, a YouTuber and web3 Influencer with over 1.2 million followers on YouTube and Twitter, is the driving force behind the Impostors NFT project.

The Impostors Metaverse Game project has a team of more than 30 people who have worked on projects like Gears of War, Roblox, and Far Cry. They have also worked with big names in the market, such as Amazon, Pixer, and Enjin.

Gameplay & Economy

The Impostors NFT project provides a social deduction-style murder mystery game that features staking rewards and a decentralized in-game economy.

In a social deduction game, players from different teams must work together to discover the truth about each other. There are two parties competing against one another in the Impostors Game: the Imposters and the Innocents.

The Impostors' objective is to eliminate all of the Innocents without being revealed. The goal of the Innocents, on the other hand, is to vote out the Impostors before they are killed.

There will be two tokens utilized in the Impostors Metaverse Play And Earn game – The SUPER Token and The BLOOD Token.

SUPER token

The economy of the Impostors game will be steered by the use of the SUPER token. SUPER holders will have the opportunity to vote on the game's future. In addition, the SUPER can be used to access the Impostors' NFT airdrops and other game modes.

BLOOD token

The utility token within the Impostors Metaverse is BLOOD. Players can earn this vital resource by playing and winning games.

Almost every action in the Impostors games requires BLOOD, including:

  • NFT Character mints
  • In-game Cosmetics mints
  • UFO crafting and upgrades
  • Pet breeding and training
  • LAND minting and leveling

Why own an Impostor?

The Impostors Genesis Aliens NFT project has the potential to offer a better ROI (return on investment) because of features like fun and engaging gameplay and calculated in-game economics. There is also a lot of promise in their roadmap, and NFT collectors will love this project for its "map maker" and "game maker" tools.